Grant Subapplicant Resources

​​​Emergency Management Professionals play an important role in implementing hazard mitigation in local communities. In addition to conducting hazard mitigation planning they identify and implement projects to build resilient communities.

For the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) grants administered by MEMA, the local government must sponsor the subapplcation for an individual property owner or business owner for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC), Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) programs; there are exceptions for HMGP that permits a private non-profit organization to sponsor a subapplication for an individual property owner or business owner.

The local government takes on the role as a subapplicant and is charged with project management and grant administration. In this role the subapplicant is responsible for the following:

  • Identifying mitigation activities
  • Preparing application materials
  • Managing the project
  • Preparing and submitting financial and performance reports to MEMA
  • Ensuring compliance with program requirements and all other federal, state, and local laws and regulations

Application Process

Step 1: Notice of Interest

Eligible subapplicants submit a Notice of Interest (NOI) form​. MDEM will review the NOI for project viability and program applicability.  Property owners and businesses may not apply independently for an HMA grant; they must be sponsored by an eligible subapplicant.

Eligible Subapplicants Chart
eligible subapplicants grant.png
Note: Chart adapted from the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance Guidance

    Step 2: Preliminary Consultation


    MEMA will consult with subapplicants regarding NOIs selected.  This may include project design, site visits, and preliminary environmental and historic preservation consultations.

    Step 3: Subapplicant Package


    Once notified by MEMA, subapplicants will develop a complete HMA Subapplication package. The principal components of the HMA Subapplication are the scope of work, budget, schedule, and Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA). The following may be required to be submitted: cost estimates, photographs, maps, property information, insurance documentation, deed restriction language, etc. It is the responsibility of the subapplicant to complete the HMA Subapplication package. MEMA is able to provide technical assistance. The BRIC and FMA subapplications are entered through FEAM GO​. The HMGP subapplication is available by request from MEMA.

    Step 4: MEMA Review


    MEMA will perform a review of the submitted HMA Subapplication package.  Additionally, the package will be reviewed and ranked by the Mitigation Advisory Committee (MAC), a State Interagency Review Committee.  The MAC will provide a recommendation for submission to FEMA.

    Step 5: FEMA Review


    Upon the HMA Subapplication package being submitted to FEMA a review for eligibility, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with applicable Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP) policies, laws, and regulations will be conducted.  FEMA will notify MEMA of successful grant awards.


    FY21 BRIC and FMA Technical Assistance

    FY20 BRIC and FMA Technical Assistance

    The grant management lifecycle can be viewed below.