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OSPREY (Operational and Situational Preparedness for Responding to an EmergencY) is Maryland's answer to the questions both public safety decision-makers and the public ask in times of severe weather or other emergencies - "What's happing around me?" and "What can I do about it?" This is commonly known as "situational awareness." The OSPREY suite of tools contains many sources of real-time data such as closed-circuit TV cameras, weather and power outages. The applications on this page are public facing - no passwords are required.

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This interactive map presents visitors with information about current conditions.  During summer storm seasons, weather alerts and weather radar is displayed automatically. In winter storm season, weather and snow alerts are displayed. Visitors also have the ability to select any of the data included in the tool such as hurricane tracks, traffic conditions, flood prone areas and medical facilities. The tool is designed to be user friendly. A visitor can enter an address and the map will automatically zoom into that location for a more detailed view of the area.

Osprey Dashboard

OSPREY Dashboard Public

At a glance, without studying a map, this dashboard provides a snapshot what’s going on by Maryland region. The status of power outages, weather, traffic, hospitals and shelters are displayed color coded in an easy-to-digest table. The automated alerts include power, weather, traffic, hospitals and shelters. A mouse click or tap on an alert box will provide details about the alert(s) and relevant links. This is a public facing application no password is required.

Power Outages

OSPREY Power Outage​​

OSPREY consumes power outage information automatically from the major utilities in Maryland. This information is displayed in both map form and a chart that represents the total estimated power outages in Maryland for the most recent two weeks. The map below the chart represents estimated outages, summarized by county and zip code. Data is provided by utility websites every 30 minutes. A visitor can zoom into sections of the chart and select between county and zip code outages on the map. During significant outages, the chart is reconfigured to include both outages as well as restorations. The outage information is by customer and not individuals.

Power Outages

Are you in a Flood prone Area?​​​

Maryland is subject to flooding from several different sources. Flash floods tend to come after short periods of heavy rain and most often affect small streams and creeks. General flooding comes from more prolonged steady rain and tends to affect larger streams and rivers. Major rivers such as the Potomac and Susquehanna often reach flood stages because of events in distant areas of their watershed. Finally, hurricanes and tropical storms can cause surges that create tidal flooding along Maryland’s bays and their tributaries.