Public Assistance Program

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What is the Public Assistance Program?

The Public Assistance Program provides supplemental financial assistance to State, local governments and certain private, non-profit organizations for response and recovery activities as a result of a Presidentially-declared disaster.

The Public Assistance Program provides Federal grant assistance for the repair, replacement or restoration of disaster-damaged, publicly owned and uninsured facilities. This grant funding is provided at a 75% Federal/25% applicant grant share formula.

Public Notice

DR-4583 T​ropical Storm Isaias Public Notice​​


Public Assistance State Administrative Plan


Stafford Act
FEMA Public Assistance Page
FEMA Public Assistance Schedule of Equipment Rates
Public Assistance Tri-fold
FEMA Public Assistance Thresholds and Indicators - FFY2019
FEMA Public Assistance - Damage Thresholds - FFY2018
FEMA PA Thresholds & Indicators - FFY2020
FEMA PA Thresholds & Indicators - FFY2021

​What is Damage Assessment?

Damage assessment is a mechanism used to determine the impact and magnitude of damage and the resulting unmet needs of individuals, businesses, the public sector, and the community as a whole. Information collected is used by the State as a basis for the Governor's request, and by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to document the recommendation made to the President in response to the Governor's request. The accuracy, consistency, and completeness of the damage assessment process is critical as it is the primary tool used to determine whether Federal assistance will be made available.


FEMA Grants Portal

The Public Assistance process will now be completed through the FEMA Grant Portal. In order to streamline the process in the event of a Presidential Disaster Declaration, applicants are encouraged to have accounts created now. Accounts can be accessed anytime and will allow contact information, insurance and any necessary documentation to be added and updated during non-disaster periods.

Please click here to fill out the information on the FEMA Grants Portal

Once your organizational account is created, the point of contact will receive a link to complete the registration and will be able to keep their account up to date.