Local Recovery Planning Toolkit


This Local Recovery Planning Toolkit includes materials to support locally-managed short-term and intermediate recovery efforts, as well as materials to assist with the transition to long-term recovery, managed by a Long Term Recovery Committee (LTRC).

The “Local Recovery Planning Materials” section relates to supporting local recovery planning efforts by establishing buy-in for the process, and provides materials to support the development of a plan, including working with recovery partners. The resources provided in this section support:

  • ​Engaging local elected officials for support of local recovery planning efforts.

  • Developing a local recovery plan.

  • Meeting with Recovery Support Function (RSF) partners to develop RSF Annexes to the Local Recovery Plan.

The “Long Term Recovery Committee Guides and Resources” section relates to transitioning management of a recovery effort to a Long Term Recovery Committee (LTRC), and provides materials to help local jurisdictions establish a LTRC to manage the casework and ongoing recovery efforts that can continue for years. This section includes resources to support:​

  • Establishing a Long Term Recovery Committee

  • Understanding how other jurisdictions have managed long-term recovery, through case studies and examples of materials developed by other LTRCs.​

Additional materials will be added to this site as they become available.For questions about recovery efforts in Maryland, Dave Robbins, MDEM Risk & Recovery Manager, at dave.robbins@maryland.gov.

Local Recovery Support Toolkit, Guides, and Resources​​​

​​​​​​Local Recovery Planning Materials

Long Term Recovery Committee Guide and Resources