Local Recovery Planning Toolkit Overview

This Local Recovery Planning Toolkit includes materials to support locally-managed short-term and intermediate recovery efforts, as well as materials to assist with the transition to long-term recovery, managed by a Long Term Recovery Committee (LTRC).

The first set of information relates to supporting local recovery planning efforts by helping establishing buy-in for the process, and providing materials to support the development of a plan, including working with external recovery partners.  This “Local Recovery Planning Materials” folder includes resources to support:

  • Reaching out to local elected officials to get their buy-in and support for local recovery planning (see the “White Paper Baltimore UASI County and Regional Planning Project” Word document, and the “BUASI Regional Recovery Planning Effort – Jurisdictional and Regional Recovery Planning Project Overview” PowerPoint),

  • Developing a local recovery plan (see the “UASI Working Group Base Plan Outline – with Menu Options” and “UES County-specific Recovery Plan Template” Word documents), and

  • Meeting with Recovery Support Function (RSF) partners to develop RSF Annexes to the Local Recovery Plan (see the “Template RSF Questions and Considerations” and “Template Recovery Support Function Job Aid” Word documents).

The second set of information relates to transitioning management of the recovery effort to a Long Term Recovery Committee, and is intended to provide some materials to help local jurisdictions establish a local LTRC to manage the casework and ongoing recovery efforts that continue throughout the long-term recovery process, which can last several years.  This “LTRC Guide Materials” folder includes resources to support:

  • Establishing a Long Term Recovery Committee (see the “Long Term Recovery Committee Guide and Template” Word document, and the “Somerset LTRC Bylaws,” “Long-Term Disaster Recovery Guidelines - Includes Intake Forms and Other Materials for Case Management (Lee County),” and “Responding to a Disaster A Prevention Toolkit (Joplin)” PDFs, as well as other supporting materials included with the Case Studies), and

  • Understanding how other jurisdictions have managed long-term recovery through reviewing Case Studies and materials developed by other LTRCs (see Case Studies folders for Boulder, CO; Joplin, MO; Lee County, FL; and Somerset County, MD).

Additional materials will be added to this site as they become available.  If you have any questions about recovery efforts in Maryland, please contact Chas Eby, State Recovery Lead and External Outreach Branch Manager, at chas.eby@maryland.gov.

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