Private Sector Integration Program (PSIP)


​We're committed to incorporating the private sector into the emergency management framework to provide a voice to the business community during emergencies and increase information sharing between the private and public sectors. PSIP is our network of businesses, devoted to doing just that. Your organization can join, too!


What's PSIP All About?



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PSIP Program​ ​Benefits​​


Prepare​dness Resources​​​


​​Virtual Business Operations Center 

Up-To-Date Emergency Alerts

Training and Exercising Opportunities
Access to Business​
Operations Center during Activations


Interaction with State, Local, and 
Federal Emergency Managers and 
Private Sector colleagues​​​


Too​ls Available to PSIP Members

The Mary​land Virtual Business Operations Center

Members of MDEM​’s Private Sector Integration Program (PSIP) can access the Maryland Virtual Business Operations Center at any time during an emergency activiation for situational awareness, incident-specific documents,access to government officials staffing the State Emergency Operations Center. 

The Maryland Business Emergency Operations Center​

The Maryland Business Emergency Operations Center is the operational component ​of the PSIP, housed within the State Emergency Operations Center.It is responsible for communicating with the private sector during emergencies and supports OSPREY Business. The goal is to provide PSIP members with information appropriate to the private sector in order to assist them in making decisions regarding business operations and ​continuity. ​



​Join us at our 2024 PSIP Summit!

This year's annual gathering of PSIP members, public safety experts, and the emergency management community will be on April 11!

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Secretary Strickland moderates a panel discussion at the 2020 PSIP Summit

MDEM Staff and business partners network over refreshments at the 2020 PSIP Summit

Representatives from PSIP member businesses connect and network at the 2020 PSIP Summit

A panel discussion on coordinating during emergencies, held at the 2020 PSIP Summit