Volunteering in Disaster Operations

Volunteer to help others in need.

How can you assist in disaster operations after a disaster?

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Emergency situations, from large to small, bring out those who volunteer to help others in need. A disaster, by definition, overwhelms local government response capability because of its scope and magnitude. Volunteers play a key role in mitigating the problem both in the response and the recovery phase of emergency management.

Government agencies and established volunteer organizations have traditionally joined together in responding to disasters and assisting with recovery activities. MDEM works in conjunction with the Maryland Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (MDVOAD) to coordinate disaster response activities and long-term recovery needs for the State. MDVOAD is an umbrella organization of voluntary organizations that coordinate to foster more effective response to the people Maryland during disaster situations. VOAD is committed to increasing to the volunteer contingency for the State of Maryland, and continuously seeks volunteers to assist in various facets of response and recovery. If you are interested in becoming involved with MDVOAD contact MDEM.

In addition to the State VOAD, there are established volunteer organizations at the local level. If you are interested in becoming involved in disaster operations at the local level, there are some local voluntary organizations active in disasters and Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT). Contact your local emergency manager regarding how you can become involved with disaster response and recovery at the local level.