MDEM Mentorship Experience​

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, MDEM is currently not taking any interns. Please check at a later date.​

The Maryland Department of Emergency Management​ (MDEM) Emergency Management Mentorship Experience (EMME) program offers students the opportunity to gain experience in the areas of disaster mitigation, preparedness, prevention, protection, response, resilience, and recovery. The EMME ​Program is designed to be flexible to the students’ interests, academic requirements, and the needs of MDEM.

Description of Opportunities

The mentored students will have the opportunity to design an internship program to fit their interests, the requirements of the academic institution, and the needs of the statewide emergency management program. 
​- With the guidance of the MDEM hosts, students may work in one of the branches of the Maryland Department of Emergency Management​. 

 - Options depend on the needs, interests, requirements, skills and abilities of the student, the academic institution, and the agencies of the Maryland emergency management program. All possible effort will be made to ensure a productive and engaging environment to enhance the growth and understanding of the student in the field of emergency management. Opportunities in Public Administration assignments such as grants management and 
personnel are also sometimes available.
- There are several training classes (free and available online) that the student will be required to complete. The student does not have to complete the classes on-site, but may count the hours as part of the overall “contract hours” for the mentorship.

 - In addition, a weekly journal, time sheets, and a final presentation to MDEM staff are requested from each student.

The mentored student will complete the following self-study classes available online:
  • IS-1 Emergency Manager: An Orientation to the Position
  • IS-100 Introduction to the Incident Command System
  • IS-200 Basic Incident Command System for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
  • IS-230 Fundamentals of Emergency Management 
  • IS-700 NIMS, An Introduction
  • IS-800 National Response Framework, An Introduction
  • IS-235 Emergency Planning


Application Process

Who may apply: Students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program

When to apply: Students may apply at any point during the year; however limited opportunities are available, so early application is encouraged

Note: EMME participants will be appointed after completing a competitive interview

How to apply: Students should send a completed application packet to:

Maryland Department of Emergency Management​
5401 Rue Saint Lo Drive
Reisterstown, MD  ​21136
Attn: Josephina Fogell

Application packets consist of the following items:
 - Completed EMME Program Application form. (Due to the COVID-19 emergency, MDEM is currently not taking any interns. Please check at a later date.)
 - Cover letter and resume
 - Two academic/professional letters of recommendation
 - At least one writing/work sample (between 200-500 words)

Also highly recommended to be included is an unofficial transcript.



 Contact the EMME program coordinator, Josephina Fogell at:
 410-517-3627 or