​Virtual Business Operations Center (VBOC) for PSIP Members

COVID-19 PSIP Update: Maryland Business Emergency Operations Center Delivers Crucial Intelligence, Guidance to Maryland Businesses During Global Pandemic​​​

The Virtual Business Operations Center (VBOC) has been de-activated on July 1, 2020. If escalating response to COVID-19 reoccurs it will be re-activated in support of Maryland Department of Health response to COVID-19.

The VBOC acts as a one stop shop for members for the following:

  • MDEM​ State Emergency Operation Center (SEOC) Activation Level
  • Situational Awareness Reporting
  • Conference Call Information
  • Business & Employee Resources
  • Platform to Submit Business Inquiries

VBOC Access Instructions:

  • Please use internet explorer when opening up this link: (link will be provided upon re-activation)
  • Log in as "Guest" and follow instructions.
  • Links are not hyperlinked, you will have to copy and paste them on a internet browser.
  • If you download HSIN App on your mobile, you will be able to read content, but not download files.